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Finnish Sauna

Relaxing holidays on a agritourism and country hotel with spa in Bibbiena, Arezzo, Tuscany

Finnish Sauna

This is a totally wooden environment with a high temperature of (80°c – 100°c) with dry air. The steam is obtained by adding water to the scorching hot stones.

Fitted with wooden benches on two levels to differ the heat and where possible to lie down for maximum relax.

This practice has the effect of raising the temperature and therefore producing vasodilation with substantial sweating and therefore eliminating the toxins in our bodies. It also produces a feeling of relax and resolution of the contracting muscles.

It is indicated for rheumatism, strengthens the body’s defence system, the circulation and the entire neuro-vegetative system.

Finnish Sauna

Not recommended for those who suffer from heart problems or who are hypertensive.

This practice has an energetic effect and should be done for not more than 10 minutes a time, repeatable, but with intervals of a cold shower and cooling of the hyper-heated body.

Pre-Sauna: before going into the sauna it is necessary to have a shower so that the hot water heats the body and then dry yourself well. Remain in the sauna until you feel so, in any case not more than 10 minutes, always use a town on which to set or lie down on.

Post-Sauna: after having come out of the sauna, cool the body down with our emotional shower, and finally relax in the relax room enjoying one of our tisane teas.


· entrance only to those over 18 years
· the sauna doors must be kept closed so that the heat is not lost
· you must not use the sauna more than 3 times
· do not enter the sauna with clothes or slippers
· wait before eating and drinking when you have finished using the sauna As this is a relax zone we request that you respect the silence here.

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