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Sant’Angelo holding is... sport holiday

Sant’Angelo holding is... sport holiday

Trekking Cycling holiday and walks

Relaxing holidays on a agritourism and country hotel with spa in Bibbiena, Arezzo, Tuscany

Trekking Cycling holiday and walks

The hills of Casentino are full of made and unmade roads which make it possible to move from one town to another with little or no road traffic, noise or pollution.

If, at the bottom of the valley the woods are broken up by vineyards, fields of sunflowers, olive groves and medieval towns or magnificent stone houses, then moving up the hillside the woods become even more impressive with beech and pine trees which are crossed over by marked routes used by the forestry commission of Casentino.

There are many other factors apart from the beauty of the countryside which contribute to making walkers or cyclists happy.

For example the dry climate and clear air, the presence of springs of water and historical and artistic localities. The favourable position of this farm holiday allows one to use, even on foot, many of the panoramic footpaths.

While moving a few kilometres away by car, running or by bike the choice is even bigger.

Trekking Cycling holiday and walks

For both walkers and bike lovers of off-pist routes we have indicated for example a section within CasentinoThe Great Apennine Excursion. A route which allows one to reach the Franciscan monastery of La Verna (near Chiusi) and l’Eremo di Camaldoli of the Domenican monks.

The entire route remains hidden inside this spectacular forest. For bike lovers we have indicated the classic route “Dei Sette Ponti” (the seven bridge) which winds its way through the countryside of the Arezzo valley and crosses the river Arno in seven points precisely. Or there is the panoramic climb to the top of Crocina.

The never-ending ascent and descent isn’t used much by cars and you will easily meet other cyclists. Not to be missed for example is the 18km downhill section from the woods of Camaldoli descending into the valley where the Castle of Poppi stands.

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